Bella Snow White - Brown - 2 lenses

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Bella Snow White Brown Color Description

Warm shades of gold and brown blend together in Bella Brown, a colored contact lens in their Snow White collection. Combined with a thick limbal ring and oversized style, your eyes will brighten the rest of your face in a heartbeat.

Why to wear Bella Snow White Brown?

Play around with your bold side with Brown, an intensely pigmented colored contact lens by Bella. As part of the Snow White lineup, Brown gives your eyes a deep yet soft appearance, naturally brightening and highlighting your facial features. A thick limbal ring completes the look with a doll like appearance.

Bella Colour Contact lenses such as these in the color Brown with their strongly contoured brown tint are amongst the most popular colour contact lenses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrian and Oman.


The result/outcome when wearing color contact lenses will vary on your original eye color, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.